Automatic Concrete Watering System

Automatic Concrete Watering System

Concrete curing is the process of maintaining adequate moisture in concrete within a proper temperature range in order to aid cement hydration at early ages. Controlling the moisture content and the temperature of new concrete for the first several days through curing take top priority. If concrete is not cured properly, the mixture can freeze or crack, and may not develop the desired strength and durability. One of the most common methods for curing concrete is to hose it down frequently with water — five to 10 times per day, or as often as you can — for the first seven days.

Along with this method is the “wet cure” method of concrete curing that entails spraying water onto the semi-hardened poured concrete then laying out the blankets over the concrete surface. The blankets should be placed as soon as the concrete has hardened enough to prevent surface damage. They should be kept constantly wet so that a film of water remains on the concrete surface throughout the curing period.

Concrete curing blankets have a high water retention rate that helps maintain appropriate moisture levels during the concrete curing process. The problem with curing blankets is the time it takes to keep the moisture maintained and the amount of water used. That is why Cure Tender came up with an automatic concrete watering system. Our system automatically releases water required for concrete curing onto the concrete and under the cure blankets, allowing the concrete to be unattended. Self-contained and solar-powered, the automatic concrete watering system can be used on vertical or flat concrete. Hook up the specially designed watering hoses and the concrete will cure for 50 to 60 hours with a constant supply from the 725-gallon tank.